Art of Works Transport

The transport of works of art and cultural property requires extreme and special care, from its packaging, transportation, cargo handling and delivery, QuickCargo Group takes special care in every step of this chain for the protection of your cargo to delivery at final destination.

We provide a full door to door express service, covered all the technical, legal and customs issues for your artwork to be transferred quickly, securely and completely legal.

Our company makes all shipments via DHL and through our network of agents in over 120 countries, allowing us to deliver your artwork anywhere in the world very quickly, safely and at the best price market.

QuickCargo Group offers an integrated management of your door to door shipment:
Immediate budget.  
Artworks pickup anywhere in the country.  
High quality Packaging under international safety standards.  
Proceedings at the Secretary of Culture and the City Bank for your work    leave the country legally.
First level international companies insurance.  
Processing of customs documents and verification with the National    Customs Administration.
Definitive or temporary shipping.  
Internet shipping tracking system.  
Professional, friendly and personal service.
Our full door to door express service allows our customers to delegate to us all about sending their artworks.
Great artists, international buyers and galleries trust us transport your artworks daily.
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